Biden to highlight U.S. chip production in South Korea- British Herald
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Biden to highlight U.S. chip production in South Korea

Seoul(South Korea)- President Joe Biden will begin his Asia trip by touring a Samsung computer chip plant on Friday, which will serve as a model for a $17 billion semiconductor factory that the Korean electronics company is building outside Austin, Texas.

The visit also serves as a nod to Biden’s top domestic priorities: increasing computer chip supply. Last year’s semiconductor shortage hampered the availability of automobiles, kitchen appliances, and other goods. This supply crunch has resulted in higher inflation, undermining Biden’s public approval and forcing his administration to focus on increasing domestic manufacturing.

Biden will grapple with many foreign policy issues during his six-day visit to South Korea and Japan. Still, he also crafted an itinerary meant to tend to the concerns of his home audience as well.

Previewing the trip aboard Air Force One, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Samsung’s investment in Texas will mean “good-paying jobs for Americans and, very importantly, it will mean more supply chain resilience.”

Yoon Suk Yeol, South Korea’s new president, and Lee Jae-Yong, Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, will greet Biden at the plant. Yoon is a political newcomer elected president for the first time a little more than a week ago. He campaigned for stricter sanctions against North Korea and strengthening the 70-year alliance with the United States.

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