Eurovision 2022 results: Ukraine wins

Eurovision 2022 results: Ukraine wins and the UK’s Sam Ryder finishes second

Turin (Italy)- As many predicted, coming into this politically charged Eurovision final, held in Turin, Italy, Ukraine were the big winners as the international public seized the chance to show their support following Russia’s invasion. An enormous 439 points from the public vote put Ukraine well clear of their rivals, turning a tense finish to the competition into a walkover.

But Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra were deserving winners – not just as brave representatives of their country but also supplying a clever mix of folk music and hip-hop with an energetic performance. It might not have been the best musically on the night, but it was undoubtedly the correct winner. Sometimes, this madcap competition can have a heartfelt and vital moment.

The UK finished in an incredible second place

The fiercest contest was happening behind nailed-on Ukraine – and the UK won that handily. Sam Ryder did his country proud with the catchy Space Man, topping the standings after the jury vote was announced and finishing in second place with a whopping 466 points. That’s more than Katrina and the Waves scored when they won Eurovision for the UK.

And what a turnaround from last year, when we scored utterly dismal nul points. Could this be the start of a new winning streak? We do seem to have got our groove back.

Spain proves that sex does sell

Jennifer Lopez turned down the Latin-pop banger SloMo, but Spain’s Chanel made excellent use of it and copied J Lo’s bootylicious rump-shaking in her raunchy dance routine. And it paid off: Spain finished third with 459 points.

In fourth place was Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs with the stormy ballad-meets-electronica Hold Me Closer, followed by Serbia’s eccentric hand-washing, Italy’s angsty duet, Moldova’s folk-pop train ride, and Greece’s romantic suicide pact.

Where will Eurovision 2023 be held?

The winning nation traditionally hosts the following year, but it seems unlikely that Ukraine will be in a position to host. So, might they turn to the runner-up instead? We could yet see Eurovision coming home.

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