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September 30, 2022
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A Global Movement to Save Soil

World-renowned Yogi and Visionary Sadhguru initiated his 100-day solo motorcycle journey from the United Kingdom to India traversing 25 countries over 30,000 km with an intention to Save Soil. The intention of this journey is to foster collaboration and conversation from global leaders, field experts and the global citizens.

The Save Soil Movement follows a well-defined three-pronged approach to bringing the (quite literally) get down and dirty- to save the soil. 

The purpose

The first intention of the Save Soil Movement is to draw the world’s attention towards the dying soil, the second is to inspire billions of people to lend their support towards policies to protect, nurture and sustain soils and the third is to raise and maintain the soil’s organic content to a minimum of 3 to 6% following national policy changes in 193 countries worldwide.  

This movement has been supported and endorsed by several personalities of note including but not restricted to His Holiness Dalai Lama, Dr Jane Goodall, Hon Gaston Browne, the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland and Deepak Chopra. It is driven by Sadhguru along with discussions and deliberations from several experts in the field. So far, these conversations have sparked ideas and lent to an increased interest in the matters of soil preservation and conservation. 

British Herald Supports #savesoil

The British Herald team wholeheartedly lends its support to this monumental, much-needed mission to revive the world’s soil. Lord Rami Ranger, Patron of British Herald, also lent his participation towards the Save Soil Movement during their preliminary events in the UK. 

From Amsterdam, to Berlin and Prague moving to other countries with more support

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