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September 30, 2022

After London and Berlin, the Save Soil global campaign hits Prague

World-renowned guru and spiritual leader Sadhguru visits Czech Republic as part of a 30,000 km motorcycle journey to spread the message that the world’s soil is going extinct.

  • Sadhguru is embarking on a 30,000 km motorbike journey through Europe, the Middle East and India to drive policy changes and raise global awareness

for soil health

  • 52% of the world’s soils are already degraded; change is urgently needed
  • Half of the topsoil on earth has been lost in the last 150 years

27.03.22 – Prague, Czech Republic: As part of the 30,000 km Save Soil movement that began on 21 March 2022 from London, Sadhguru reached Prague yesterday after a two-day stop in Berlin.

The Save Soil movement aims to drive national policy changes in 193 nations toward raising and maintaining the organic content of soils to a minimum of 3-6%. In alignment with these objectives, Sadhguru met with the Deputy of the Minister of Environment and Deputy of the Minister

of Agriculture in the Czech Republic at the Embassy of India, presenting them with a Global Policy Draft and Solutions Handbook. The handbook has been created in consultation with top scientists considering the latitude, climate, economic conditions, and traditional agricultural practices of the region. In response to a question about the challenge of the policy when large corporations are holding the land, Sadhguru asserted that policy change is in fact much easier in such a context as sensitive issues of livelihood don’t come up and corporations can be addressed as business entities.

Sadhguru headed to his first public event at Top Hotel Praha and was joined on stage by actress and singer Olga Lounová and mathematician Karel Janecek. They discussed the Save Soil movement and probed the connection between mathematics and mysticism before a 2,000-strong audience of local enthusiasts and supporters.

When asked by an audience member about the misfortunes of war, Sadhguru explained

that unless we as individual human beings make our minds peaceful, we cannot strive to become a peaceful planet. A reflection on the need of our times, Sadhguru described the Save

Soil movement as not only an ecological endeavor but also a tremendous opportunity for humanity to be brought together by a unifying force.

Sadhguru is currently on a lone motorcycle journey of 30,000 km across 27 nations. The journey which began from London, UK, will pass through various nations in Europe, Middle East and India. It aims to raise awareness and build political consensus for urgent policy initiatives to prevent soil extinction.

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The Conscious Planet Movement to Save Soil is a global civil movement to inspire a conscious approach to saving our soil and planet. This is, first and foremost, a people’s movement. Its aim is to activate the support of over 3.5 billion people (over 60% of the world’s voting population) to make ecological issues an election priority for governments across the globe.

The Movement aims to urge and support governments in formulating policies that will address soil health in their country and make farming activity more soil friendly to halt and reverse further soil degradation globally. The primary recommendation of the Save Soil Movement is for governments across the world to legislate policies that will mandate a minimum of 3-6% organic content in all agricultural soil in their country.

World leaders, influencers, artists, subject matter experts, farmers, spiritual leaders, NGOs are among those who have pledged their support to rekindle humanity’s relationship with soil.

About Sadhguru

Sadhguru is a Yogi, visionary and a two-time New York Times bestselling author. He has been conferred three presidential awards in India, including one for his environmental work as well as the country’s highest annual civilian award for exceptional and distinguished service.

Over the years, the founder of Isha Foundation has also launched large ecological initiatives that have created a blueprint for economic development that is ecologically sustainable.

He has spoken at the United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Bank, the UK House of Lords, TED, and countless global companies, and has also been invited to present at Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Wharton, and MIT, among others.


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