Bay of Bengal nations resolve to face calamities together - British Herald
November 28, 2022

Bay of Bengal nations resolve to face calamities together

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — An umbrella organization of seven Bay of Bengal nations says its members must urgently leverage geographical advantage and other resources to address their post-pandemic vulnerabilities and collectively strengthen resilience to face future calamities.

In a declaration on the last day of their three-day summit Wednesday, the group said the members resolve to work together to combat poverty, natural disasters, climate change, pandemics and transnational crime.

They also resolved to work toward food and energy security and strengthen their connections to grow trade, investment, tourism and technology and offset economic losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sri Lanka hosted the 5th summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi Sectoral Technical and Economic Corporation in its national capital Colombo.

Thailand later takes over as BIMSTEC’s chair nation.


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