XRdoge - From crypto meme to green crypto
October 5, 2022

XRdoge – From crypto meme to green crypto

GLASGOW , Scotland — XRdoge  has announced a brand new utility project. It goes from crypto-meme to crypto-ecological. Since making its appearance last year, XRdoge has already created a utility function for its meme templates: a web payment portal and DEX interface. XRdoge is now getting involved in one of the fastest growing crypto markets, the Green Revolution.

XRdoge: Come for the memes, stay for the usefulness.

XRdoge turns into an eco-friendly crypto-meme. The new green utility project will automate household carbon offset requirements. Using an innovative, patent-pending hardware device, and with XRdoge as an intermediary utility token, the customer will be able to transfer real value and offset their carbon footprint.

Raymond Thomson , co-founder of XRdoge:

“The goal is for the XRdoge cryptocurrency to serve as a utility and value bridge between a proprietary hardware device in the home, and real-world carbon offset programs.

“Automation will avoid ecological complications and memes will make the process interesting and fun. Being green doesn’t mean being boring! »

While some cryptocurrencies remain forever memes and some utility tokens forget the importance of memes in capturing the consumer’s imagination, XRdoge has paved the way for a new synthesis of memes and utility.

Raymond Thomson , co-founder of XRdoge:

“Xrdoge has used memes to create a strong foundation in the world of cryptocurrency globally, now we’ll use our meme templates to show how the usefulness of XRdoge can help transform the world. »

With a hardware patent filed and imminent announcements of new green carbon offset partnerships, XRdoge appears to be carving out a unique space for itself in the cryptosphere using memes and utility to create a better, greener world.

When asked why XRdoge decided to build its cryptocurrency on the XRP Ledger network, Raymond Thomson replied:

“The XRP Ledger network is already one of the fastest and greenest crypto networks. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens, the carbon footprint of transactions is tiny. This is what makes it the perfect network for XRdoge to participate in the green revolution. »

XRdoge is a token built on the XRP Ledger, public and decentralized. To learn more about the new XRdoge green utility project, check out the white paper . To learn more about the XRdoge project as a whole, check out their website

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