Atomic Form, a full stack solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
October 5, 2022

Atomic Form Raises its Series Seed to Expand Full Stack Solutions for NFTs, Displays, and On-Chain Digital Media

NEW YORK — Atomic Form, a full stack solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital media, announced its seed round funding from leading investors in the blockchain space with participation by Sino Global Capital, Samsung Next, Wave Financial, Mechanism Capital, Animoca Brands, and other notable artists and founders such as Thankyoux, Brendan Dawes, JN Silva, Parallel, and Nifty Gateway co-founder Duncan Cock Foster.

Today, organizing, discovering, and accessing web3 content is fragmented. Between multiple wallets, blockchains, marketplaces, and applications, the inability to aggregate, organize and showcase content in a streamlined way is a massive pain point for consumers, artists, and dApp developers. Atomic Form’s mission is to bring a unified web3 experience to users of all types: collectors, artists, galleries, developers, etc.. This will be a bridge into a new frontier of digital ownership, and serves as the most effective way to blend web3 content between digital and real life.

Atomic Form Wave, a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree, is the first display module designed from scratch to be blockchain and NFT native. Users connect Wave to the Atomic Form Platform using unique hardware identifiers, and are able to control the display via the platform or manual controls. Because the displays maintain connection to the blockchain, the generative and conditional works update as they should. Atomic Form aims to be the unified portal to interact with NFTs and digital objects across all wallets and chains, providing collectors with novel ways to experience their assets and powerful analytics that artists can use to optimize their next release.

Co-founders Garrette Furo and Isabelle Kitze have a combined 15 years in the crypto industry.

Supporting Quotes

“We could not be more excited to close this round with such strong partnerships and support from a diverse group of investors. Atomic Form has grand plans for 2022, and we’re thankful that we have a collection of individuals who also believe in our vision for the future of web3.” Isabelle Kitze, Atomic Form Co-Founder

“Atomic Form was created by founders from the community, so they understand what people want. As an artist, I want my art displayed on AF.” said ThankYouX

“Atomic Form not only brings a much-needed display solution to the NFT market, but also introduces the Atomic Form Hub as a place where users can organize their NFTs across different chains and marketplaces.Together these solutions help weave NFTs into the daily life of their owners and enhance NFT composability, strengthening the entire ecosystem. Sino Global Capital is delighted to support a team with the vision, extreme conviction, and passion that Garrette and Isabelle bring to Atomic Form.” Matthew Graham, CEO Sino Global Capital

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About Atomic Form
Atomic Form makes hardware and software for NFTs and Web3 media. We build for a blockchain-based internet-of-property that spans networks, currencies, video games, art, collectibles, and identification. We understand that community, shared interests, and resources are the backbone of distributed networks – be it stemming from the early Bitcoin Forums or the Trollbox or your local meet-up. We acknowledge the Internet as a proper noun and we design our products to fit the needs of a new generation of users to manage, explore and pave the way for what is to come while maximizing the utility of what is already here.

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