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September 30, 2022

Indietronic Time Travel Duo NORÐIR unveil new Single “How To Sail Your Ship (2077)”

ULM, BADEN-WüRTTEMBERG (GERMANY) – NORÐIR are two liberal-minded full-blooded musicians with a fascination for time travel and world history.

In „How To Sail Your Ship (2077)“ NORÐIR travel to the year 2077 and Viktor meets his older self in his 80s, the last chapter of his life. The lyrics in this song are what his older self is telling him.
This song was written during the 1. pandemic lockdown in Germany when Viktor was confronted with the thoughts of impermanence, aging, and also the value of gratitude and being present.

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NORÐIR – Indietronic Time Travel

Equipped with e-drums, looper, e-guitars, synthesizer, visual effects and 3 languages, the band catapults the audience on a journey through time.
Musically, NORÐIR perform a balancing act of several eras. 
Edgy synth-pop sound of the 80s meets psychedelic soundscapes of the 60s and wraps around clever, contemporary indiepop arrangements: Indietronic. 
This works not only live but also on Spotify (90,000+ streams for the 1st single “No Hell No”).

The band, consisting of Viktor (born in Siberia) and Lars (born in Malaysia), sets a sign against xenophobia and for cosmopolitanism and regularly participates in peace festivals like Festival Contre Le Racisme, Pax Terra Musica and the Ulmer Friedenswochen.


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