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October 4, 2022

Minimizing Trial Disruption in Response to Omicron

As concerns grow for the global impact of the covid virus mutation, SanaClis prioritises the significance of building resilience into clinical trial design, while strengthening risk mitigation strategy across all our study portfolio.
Continuously monitoring the latest rise of the new variant and all emerging evidence in relation to it, B.1.1.529 now known as Omicron of SARS-CoV-2, SanaClis has implemented a risk-based clinical trial plan from the start of pandemic which has now become a fundamental part of our activities increasing preparedness for new variants and virus mutations with the main aim being mitigation of the disruption of research without compromising on quality and safety.
Adhering to health protocols and the introduction of enhanced patient safety and compliance kits to ensure the safety of both patients and site staff is constantly monitored and assessed. Teams liaise with sites and investigators to mitigate any disruption and the group continue integrate virtual elements into trials to minimize the disturbance for study participants and data collection.
Despite the recent national lockdown in Slovakia, the group’s headquarters and depot remain fully operational as a result of our global pandemic preparedness strategy with all staff following the strict internal protocols and safety measures.

Savvia Pavlou

Author: Savvia Pavlou BH Business Development/Communications (Cyprus) LinkedIn: @SavviaPavlou

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