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August 11, 2022

Niftify Announces NFT Platform Beta Launch, Sells Out Exclusive NFT Drop with Ice-T

MAJURO, Marshall Islands – Niftify Limited LLC, the all-inclusive NFT platform, announced the beta launch of their innovative offering today, which allows people to mint, buy, sell and swap NFTs. The beta launch allows creators, collectors, traders, gamers, enterprises, and NFT enthusiasts to test and explore the new marketplace.

Tied to the launch, Niftify also sold out of the first batch of their exclusive NFT collection with legendary rapper, songwriter, actor and producer Ice-T, as part of The Syndicate collection. Dropped today and created in collaboration with artist Tommy the Animator, this drop includes 300 rare NFTs. By buying The Syndicate NFTs, users gain access to the S Lounge, a virtual metaverse, with exclusive experiences.

“When I think about my career, three pivotal moments stand out to me – the O.G. Original Gangster album, when I joined Law & Order: SVU 22 years ago, and when we released New Jack City in 1991,” said Ice-T. “When we created the New Jack City NFT collection with Niftify, we wanted to recognize the movie’s standing impact on culture.”

Niftify is a user-friendly platform aiming to facilitate users to automate digital and physical redemptions. Unlike other platforms, creators are incentivized to mint and sell their own NFTs to benefit from the functionality of smart contracts, and also offering them the ability to receive royalties of all future sales of their minted NFTs through the Ethereum blockchain royalty protocol. NFTs on Niftify are also used as proof of ownership and history tracking for even physical items, as well as proof of authenticity for valuable digital and physical assets.

“The concept of digital collectives is evolving into a mainstream movement, yet many NFT marketplaces are complex, require in-depth trading knowledge and programming skills, and users can only buy with cryptocurrencies. This alienates new customers and is time-consuming even for experienced traders,” says Bruno Ver, co-founder and CEO of Niftify. “We’re proud to provide an innovative and viable alternative for existing platforms that eliminates these complexities and makes the NFT market more accessible for all.”

With a creator-first, community-led approach, Niftify also allows creators to select and invite other creators to join and mint NFTs. Additionally, the platform blends the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains at the core of its operations, providing transparency, immutability, low transaction costs and maximum security.

Within the Niftify ecosystem, NIFT tokens are native utility tokens for the protocol and are used to incentivize actions across the system. NIFT allows users to receive discounts when paying fees. Specifically, users only pay 2.5% in fees instead of 5% when paying with other cryptocurrencies or fiat. Additionally, NIFT token balances are used to determine the level of access to special features, such as early access to new and exclusive drops, premium custom profiles, and access to “members-only” areas.

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