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August 11, 2022

Atlanta’s FinTech Landscape Maps Industry Cluster, Upcoming Crypto and NFT Growth

ATLANTA, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The latest release of the Atlanta FinTech Landscape showcases a growing industry that houses the majority of the 10 largest US payment processing firms, tens of thousands of professionals, and over $71 billion. The region’s growth in FinTech has become known, but recent expansion in the crypto world of NFTs reveal the potential for globe-shattering growth for the artists of the Atlanta area.

Atlanta is home to many publicly traded companies in the financial world, but Online Optimism’s FinTech landscape showcases many opportunities beyond household name brands. The recent raises for startups in the region, including MomentRanks $4.2 million raise to expand its NFT analysis and portfolio platform, is emblematic of a competitive industry that’s scaling fast. New companies aren’t the only ones getting into the market. Organizations like the Atlanta-based American Cancer Society are currently hiring for Product Managers for Cryptocurrency & NFT, convincing many that this currently niche market is here to stay.

The world of NFTs may be new to some, but it’s a natural progression for Atlanta. Organizations like The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and Fintech Atlanta have laid the groundwork for this economy to quickly scale. Look at the full list below, and see who the current and next unicorns might be.

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