SanaClis Awarded Prestigious Bronze Medal by EcoVadis 2021
October 3, 2022

SanaClis Awarded Prestigious Bronze Medal by EcoVadis 2021

This recent bronze award by EcoVadis is the result of a stringent internal corporate and social responsibility program implemented across the SanaClis Group enforced also to external parties within the procurement supply chain.
SanaClis, a leading European Contract Research Organisation (CRO) supporting pharma & biotech companies in clinical developments with unique logistic capability that include QP services, customs brokerage, warehousing/ distribution and sourcing of clinical trial materials, comparators & rescue medications.

Since founded in Slovakia in 2000 the company has placed sustainability across all corporate areas throughout the SanaClis group as a fundamental pillar upon which to maintain and improve corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities.
In recognition of the rigorous internal and external sustainable processes, EcoVadis has awarded SanaClis with the Bronze medal sustainability rating for 2021/22.
In-depth analysis into the sustainability review conducted by EcoVadis, found SanaClis to
be within the top 22% of all companies within the Scientific Research & Development Industry for multiple sustainable efficiencies.
SanaClis was placed in the top 13% for Environmental Sustainability and within the top 14% for Sustainable Procurement within the Scientific Research & Development sector.

Commenting on this important achievement for the company, Chief Executive Officer of
SanaClis, Mr. Alexander Fetkovsky said “On behalf of the entire company and our offices
and facilities across the world, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of our
employees for their individual contribution to adhering to our internal ethical processes that
form part of our internal corporate and social responsibility program, ensuring that SanaClis
meets and exceeds our sustainable responsibility targets. It has always been of utter
importance that throughout the recent and significant expansion across the company’s
service offering, geographical footprint, and capacities, that we do not neglect nor disrupt
our mission to meet our sustainability objectives.” Citing that SanaClis has made
substantial investments into multiple green efficient facilities across the European Union,
with the latest construction of our flagship Supply Chain Depot in Bratislava
being fully designed with environmental and sustainable considerations from its early
conception to final completion.

Savvia Pavlou

Author: Savvia Pavlou BH Business Development/Communications (Cyprus) LinkedIn: @SavviaPavlou

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