Movie Review- A Perfect Fit: A typical Asian love story
November 29, 2022
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Movie Review- A Perfect Fit: A typical Asian love story

Indonesian movie ‘A Perfect Fit’ directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu is written by Garin Nugroho, who is known for directing movies with socio-political messages. The romantic-drama stars Nadya Arina, Refal Hady and Giorgino Abraham.

Fashion blogger Saaski played by Nadya Arina meets a talented shoemaker Rio played by Refal Hady and sparks-fly. One thing leads to another, they fall in love, but Saaski who is already engaged begins to question her commitment. Rio too is bound by commitments to his work and his family and is struggling to break free to fulfil his dream.

It’s a simple boy-meets-girl story with every complication that can be expected out of an Asian romantic drama. The movie has elements that an Asian would only roll their eyes to. There is nothing in here that they have not already seen. A female lead stuck in a non-rewarding relationship, a male lead struggling to pull off a newly opened business, both of them are pushed to question their individuality and freedom of choice over-rules and regulations set forth by the society.

The western world would happily lap up the movie for the scenic beauty of Bali, where the story is set, mystical elements, folk art, rituals, traditional ceremonies and a cliché love story.

There are too many elements in the movie that seem forced to add some depth to a bland story. The average chemistry between the lead characters makes the movie bearable. Moreover, the makers of The Perfect Fit made it too easy for the audience to pick a side. There are a few ‘shoe selecting and show fitting’ sequences, driving in that ‘almost Cinderella-esque’ vibe to the whole story, maybe expecting the audience to call it the Asian version of one of the famed fairy tales, sans the evil stepmom and stepsisters. But that angle seems to have fallen flat.

The movie is an average watch. On a bad day, it may make you feel good. But if you are intending on a serious movie viewing session, this is not the right pick. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

Director: Hadrah Daeng Ratu

Writers: Garin Nugroho, Hadrah Daeng Ratu

Stars: Nadya Arina, Refal Hady, Giorgino Abraham

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