Transcending barriers of language through musical chords
October 3, 2022

Transcending barriers of language through musical chords

Color Music Choir, a musical group from Ukraine, has carved a niche for themselves over the years among netizens, with proficient child artists in the forefront. Their renditions of chartbusters by Coldplay, Chainsmokers have consistently been matched to perfection, leaving music aficionados in awe.    

The group’s origin could be traced back to 2006, when vocal teacher and conductor Elena Petrykova and Alexander Petrykov, a professional musician, arranger and composer came together for a lyrical collaboration. The vocal studio’s first composition was categorised into seven groups with children of different age groups, including 10 members each. As to how they zeroed in on the name Color Music Choir, the founders say that each of the seven groups was classified into different colour. While the youngest one of them all is placed in the red group, the eldest ones in the group are in purple group. The distinctive ascription of the number, however, bears a deeper meaning, that of seven groups, seven notes and seven colours of the rainbow.

Over the years, the team has weaved onto its members hues of mutual respect and friendship that together they share a familial bond today. And what unites them all is the love for music.

Their performances were initially separate musical repertoires, until they treaded on a different trajectory during a big concert. It was then that all age groups and colours for a single performance were combined. It got a warm reception from everyone, which includes the parents of the students as well. Then on, the tutors decided to channelise the choral direction more professionally, by laying primary focus on modern pop repertoire.

Today, the group has children from the age of 4 to 16 years, casting magic with their mellifluous voice. Alexander goes on to say that the peculiarity of their choir is that they have been meticulously engaging with children from a very early age on a musical note. He says, “We develop musical abilities in every child and help to reveal their talents. Another noteworthy aspect is that the choir has children who have been studying with us for 10-12 years at a stretch.”

The remarkable results the world has witnessed are attained through a long and continued process of hardwork and training programmes with each child. The fact that the young artists are well versed in Russian and their native language is Ukrainian has never been a stumbling block for the talented lot who mostly sing English songs, as for them music transcends all boundaries.

As to whether it has been a daunting task to deliver performances in English, they imbibe the true essence of the songs with ease. Before learning the English lines of a song, they practice each word to ace the diction. It is then followed by reading sessions of its translation, keenly understanding the word meaning and learning its pronunciation and intonation with precision. Though, the process is quite challenging, it is the opportunity to learn English language through music, which both the tutors and students find interesting.

The prowess of trainers help each student get equipped with techniques on vocal aspects, breathing and intonation. Alexander adds, “Then comes learning the vocal chords, following which the young talents endow themselves with the pronunciation of the English songs. Our children have also had the opportunity to practise or perform in a recording studio, tailor-made for them.”

While their viral renditions of Alan Walker and Ava Max’s Alone continue to linger in the minds of music buffs, the songs are often chosen according to their musical sensibilities by the trainers. It becomes easier when these are latest songs the children often sing and listen to on their music players.

That said, each age group is dealt with individually. While younger children perform main melody, the elder ones create harmonic chords.

These children gradually learn to hear and sing polyphonic vocal parts. When it comes to a new batch of children, it takes between one and a half and two years to learn the repertoire and to eventually master the vocal technique. In most performances with the choir, phonogram is made use of, coupled with other arrangements of theirs, which Alexander creates them on his own. He also writes vocals for the choir.

One of the biggest lessons they impart to children is that they create unique music, and each member of the choir has an equally important role to play.

The team, as a whole, dream of giving their performance on the big stage with renowned artistes such as Coldplay, Alan Walker, Ava Max and the like. They have also pinned their hopes on meeting their followers someday and at the same time showcase and be exposed to talents in different parts of the world.

Color Music Choir is also looking forward to take part in festivals and competitions as soon as the borders open, post pandemic restrictions. And, the quest ­of a world tour has been driving them ahead each day. Until then, fruitful opportunities continue to lure them, to treat music buffs across the world with new choral cover versions of latest chartbusters.

The team, as a whole, dream of giving their performance on the big stage with renowned artistes such as Coldplay, Alan Walker, Ava Max and the like. They have also pinned their hopes on meeting their followers someday

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