Turner and Hooch- A monotonous yet watchable sequel to a good movie
September 30, 2022
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Turner and Hooch- A monotonous yet watchable sequel to a fairly good movie

Disney has been known for its remakes and sequels. This time, streaming on Disney + is the reboot of 1989 release Tom Hanks starrer ‘Turner and Hooch’. A sequel to the flick, the latest one is however, a series wherein the characters have connection with the ones in the movie. Josh peck appears as Scott Turner in the series, the first episode of which is live.

“Forever and the dog’’ explains the plot of the series and its connection to the movie. Turner, son of Hanks’ character from the movie is a neat freak who is left perplexed when his sister Laura asks him to take care of Hooch, which was their father’s wish. Despite being extremely uncomfortable and having no idea as to how to manage a slobbery dog who creates a whole lot of chaos in his neat and tidy apartment, Turner has no other way but to keep it. However, as Hooch starts giving him cues to solve a case, the cop slowly starts to develop a connect with the dog. The series at this point does not seem to have given justice to the thought as the forming of the bond between the two seems rushed and forced. It rather portrays the necessity that made them close rather than the love for the dog that according to Turner’s father is like “almost like the original Hooch came back.”

Matt Nix, director of the series has consciously provided multiple references of Hanks’ character and the original Hooch so that the connection is well established. But the first episode does not have anything extraordinary that will make the audiences wait for the coming episodes. Not forgetting to mention that there are always takers for such light subjects that are easy to watch and enjoy.

Precisely put, the episode depicting the unconventional relationship between a cleanliness freak and his slobbery destructive dog in two hours was a watchable piece. However, the possibilities of incorporating engaging and entertaining elements in the same plot for a series of multiple episodes seems like a bad choice by Disney+. The audience are yet to figure out.

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