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October 3, 2022

Meet Anto: The Human Lie-Detector

His super-power?

Lie detection.

And he can train you or your team on how to recognise when your being lied too.

For Anto Paroion – Master Truthologist, it was the intrigue of human behaviour, how and why humans lie, and their motive behind their deceit that led to his study of truth.

As an expert master trainer in Truthology, Anto specialises in truth detection through micro-expressions, verbal and non-verbal communication, cross-examination and statement analysis.

While a useful ‘super-power’ in everyday conversations, his acumen in this field and his fascination with reading and understanding humans have turned Anto into a sought-after public speaker, coach and trainer for professionals in a wide-range of organisations and institutions. Human resources, sales, insurance, law enforcement and legal services are to name a few.

His Mission Statement

“I coach decision makers to understand the power of non-verbal communication and to highlight the importance of word analytics and lie detection markers in everyday business.”

Truthology is the study of truth, lies, and deception by humans in written and verbal statements. The reasons why humans lie, how they lie, as well as written and verbal methods to detect truth, lies, and deception in everyday conversations.

Truth-seeker technics tailored for the industry

Adapting his coaching process to the culture of each professional and organisation, Anto ensures success in training for unique requirements and expectations through his personalised hands-on attention.

His solid background from working in countries like Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United Kingdom, together with his extensive experience in sales, business development and management in global leading companies, such as Albourne Partners, Aspen Trust Group, Bartercard and Unibind, help him to identify, assess and meet the real needs of professionals seeking to excel through truth-knowledge within their field of expertise.

Understanding the ‘Blueprints of Micro-Expressions’

This course is about faces and feelings…

In the Micro-Expressions course for example, the first focus is on what feelings look like on faces.

Images are used to show the facial blueprints of the major emotions – and how surprise, fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and happiness can be registered by changes in the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Common confusions in expressions that plague the recognition of emotions are clarified by highlighting the differences between emotions like surprise & fear, anger & disgust, or sadness and fear.

These subtleties of facial expressions of emotion are revealed in a family of expressions for each feeling. Surprise, for example, is an emotion with a big family.

“There is not one surprise facial expression, but many”, explains Anto.

Questioning surprise, dumbfounded surprise, dazed surprise, slight, moderate and extreme surprise for example, all belong to the same emotional family.

The complexities of facial expressions are further described on how different emotions can blend into a single facial expression. Sad-angry expressions, angry-afraid expressions, surprise-fearful expressions and so forth.

These blueprints of facial expressions taught in this course are used to better understand the feelings of others, even when they are not necessarily trying to reveal them.

While at the same time, it helps one in becoming more aware of what their own facial expressions is revealing to others.

No one never lies

We all lie sometimes. And not all lies need be labelled ‘bad ‘

That’s not what any of this is about, the point here is understanding.

Possibly your partner, your colleagues or even your customers.

So, are your ready to be taken behind the scenes of Truthology and better understand the truths beyond your current awareness?

Author: Savvia Pavlou
BH Business Development/Communications(Cyprus)
LinkedIn: @SavviaPavlou

Savvia Pavlou

Author: Savvia Pavlou BH Business Development/Communications (Cyprus) LinkedIn: @SavviaPavlou

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