32 advocacy groups urge Biden to reject clout of Big Tech firms
January 21, 2021

32 advocacy groups urge Biden to reject clout of Big Tech firms on administration

WASHINGTON (US) – As many as 32 32 advocacy groups spanning antitrust, consumer advocacy and labour among others urged President-elect Joe Biden to reject the clout of Big Tech firms on his administration in a letter.

In the letter, they urged Biden to exclude executives, lobbyists and consultants working for or with big firms such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft from the administration.

The advocacy groups believe that the practices of the companies hurt consumers and the economy.

Those who signed the letter comprise Public Citizen, American Economic Liberties Project, Open Markets Institute, Progressive Democrats of America, the Revolving Door Project and Athena.

“We believe that your administration must confront the threats posed by the monopolistic Big Tech companies. … however, we can only bring these companies to account if you do not rely on affiliates of these very companies to make up your government,” they said in the letter.

“We believe that eliminating the decades-old revolving door between Silicon Valley and your administration will only help your cause,” the letter added.

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