Youtuber Brent Rivera spends $25,000 to build dreamhouse for his dog

Brent Rivera

Pet parents can go to any limits when it comes to taking care of their fur babies. YouTuber Brent Rivera took dog pampering to another level by building a dream house worth $20000 for his beloved canine companion Charly on her first birthday.

The video

In the video, Brent posted on YouTube, he says, “This is my dog, Charly. She has been my best friend for a year.”

The content creator captioned the video, which has since clocked up nearly seven million views: “I BUILT A $25,000 DREAM DOG HOUSE!!”

The video starts with Brent Rivera crashing Charly’s first home, a small roof-shaped home. She lived in it when she was a puppy. Now that she is one year old, Brent and his friends build a new home for her. Brent said, “I thought it was time she deserved an upgrade,” before he and his friend headed to the shops to pick up the supplies they needed to get cracking with the home renovation project. You can see Brent in the process of building and decorating the new home for Charly in a speedy DIY montage.

The dreamhouse

The ‘dream house’ Rivera built for his dog reportedly cost a staggering $20000. The home comes fitted with its mini fridge, a bedroom and a TV that plays squirrel videos. There is a cosy bed, bean bags, a sofa, a minuscule coffee table, and photos of Charly and himself. A sign outside the dog house in golden letters reads “Charly’s House”, adding a final touch to the project.

Brent Rivera gave his 26 million followers a captivating video tour, where he showcased every detail. You can see Charly pottering into the house before perching on the freshly-made bed seemingly enjoying her new luxury space.

YouTuber made Charly’s birthday celebration truly unforgettable, he invited a delightful group of furry friends to the party. The surprises didn’t stop there. Brent presented Charly with an adorable new puppy named Ollie.

And furthermore, Brent Rivera made an exciting promise to his viewers. He stated, “If the video gets 300,000 likes, then we’re gonna build a dog hotel.”

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