Britons Trapped In Sudan Say Relatives Were Not Allowed On Flights

Rescue Flights from Sudan

Rescue Flights from Sudan

British citizens who are currently stranded in Sudan are facing an incredibly difficult decision.

Due to restrictions from the UK government, they must choose whether to leave without their family members. Those who are not permitted on the evacuation flights.

Suleiman, a British national who has requested to remain anonymous. Shared that a British official contacted him and stated that he could leave with his two British national children. But would have to leave his pregnant Sudanese wife behind.

“He said: ‘I’m sorry, you’re going to fly with your children, but your wife cannot.’ When I told him that’s impossible, the children are dependent on their mother and I can’t leave my wife who has a high-risk pregnancy. He just refused and said that’s all I can do,” Suleiman said. Fearing that the journey to Port Sudan might endanger his pregnant wife, he did not take the flight and the four of them remain in Sudan.

Roza Mohamed, a British citizen, described how her Sudanese sister, Amina and her three-year-old niece were prevented from boarding an evacuation flight out of Port Sudan on Monday . It was because Amina lacked a UK visa and was not able to prove Samrin’s British citizenship obtained via her father, currently in Brighton.

“She was told we can’t allow you to enter the UK. When my sister asked why, they said your daughter doesn’t have original documents. Only copies of her passport. “Mohamed explained to them that their house is located in an area. That was bombed and they could not retrieve the documents, but they still refused,” he said.

She added: “I called them myself and begged, cried for them to help. I even contacted the Foreign Office and they said they couldn’t do anything.”

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