A Scar in Putin’s Neck: Bad-health Rumours Spreads

Putin's neck scar

According to a report, Russian President Putin’s attendance at a church service fueled more rumours that he was ill due to a scar on his neck. In between Putin videotaped and photographed at an Orthodox Easter service at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

According to Ukrainian news outlet Dialog.ua, the Tass photo showed “a strange scar” on Putin’s neck. Which resembled “an extensive scar.” Citing Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky.

“I think I figured out where Z came from,” Denis Kazansky stated. Implying that the scar was shaped like the letter Z. This letter has come to represent Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Oleksiy Goncharenko, a Ukrainian lawmaker, claimed Vladimir Putin’s attendance at an Easter service in Moscow. Moreover meant that “talk about his health flared up with renewed vigour.”

“He didn’t look great at church yesterday.” He moved slowly and with difficulty. “A scar on his neck is clearly visible in the photographs,” Oleksiy Goncharenko stated. “He has most likely undergone some kind of medical procedure.” I’m not sure what they did there. “Perhaps they did artificial ventilation of the lungs or something,” he suggested.

Previously, stolen US intelligence materials stated that Vladimir Putin is unwell. Previously, the Russian president’s health was discussed multiple times, with rumours that he has cancer, Parkinson’s disease, or both. Vladimir Putin, according to the Kremlin, is in good health.

Meanwhile, Russian president paid a visit to the occupied Ukrainian territory of Kherson and Luhansk, according to the Kremlin.

“Easter is celebrated for 40 days,” said Peskov, as he criticized how some media had “jumped on this phrase and immediately started coming up with hypotheses about things that didn’t happen.”

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