Toucan takes flight: the app on a mission to revolutionise charitable giving

London, UK – Supporting a cause has never been easier thanks to the launch of Toucan, a new app that is set to propel charitable giving into the new digital era.

2022 is forecast to be another tough year for charities following a difficult 2021. The Charity Commission of England and Wales found that 91% of all charities were adversely affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the past 12 months. The majority lost income from activities, with reduced in-person events and cash donations. A further study revealed that between 2019 and 2020, a quarter of charities had lost at least 40 per cent of their annual income, with small organisations hit the hardest.

Developed by a team of fintech and charity specialists, Toucan has put the needs of charities and the good intentions of donors at the heart of its ground-breaking product.

Furthermore, since 2017, millennials have become the largest giving cohort in the UK, responsible for over 30% of charitable donations. The charity sector has, however, lacked the digital innovation that is intuitive to younger generations, further widening the gap between donors and the causes they are passionate about.

Toucan’s digital-first approach to giving helps to bridge that gap, offering a modern fintech solution to donors wanting to make an instant difference. The vision is to make giving fun, flexible and accessible to all by re-defining charitable giving.

Through the Toucan app, in just a few clicks, users can build a personal portfolio of up to three charities and split a single monthly contribution between them. Donors can support the same charities long term or switch each month to develop a fully flexible and unique approach to giving. In a time when household bills are rising at an alarming rate, Toucan gives its users the opportunity to give as and when they are able to, rather than being tied into regular donations on a monthly basis.

Donors can see just how their donations are making a difference through the impact section and share their giving portfolio on social media, as Toucan aims to mobilise a community of Toucaneers to amplify the work of charities around the country and to build a world where giving is second nature.

Chief Executive Officer, Matt Crate said: “We founded Toucan with the vision of creating a world in which giving is second nature. We have developed an intuitive app that uses modern technology to be a force for good, bridging the gap between donors and the causes that matter most to them. We want people to join us on our journey and to show the world what they stand for.”

Chief Operations Officer, John Barrett said: “We need to make it as easy as possible for donors to connect with charities they care about, and those who they may not yet know. We are particularly keen to give a platform to smaller charities who have such a massive impact in our communities around the UK.” 

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