English medical officer says there won’t be COVID vaccine choice in first months of rollout

LONDON (UK) – People will not have a choice over which COVID-19 vaccine they will receive in the first months of rollout, England’s Chief Medical Officer said on Wednesday, adding the initial option would be either to receive a good vaccine or get no vaccine.

Chris Whitty said that by next autumn, there could be enough supply of different types of vaccine with different properties for there to be clinical reasons why one would be more suitable for a certain person that the other.

“A situation where we have enough vaccines that you have a choice which one you wish, (that) will be a very nice problem for us to have. It is not the problem we have at the moment and it is not problem we’re going to have for the next four months,” Whitty told lawmakers.

“Currently, if the choice is between a good vaccine and no vaccine, I’m going to just go for whichever good vaccine is available.”

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