Authorities reinstall Olympic rings monument at Tokyo Bay

TOKYO (JAPAN) – After being removed in August for maintenance, the Olympic rings monument was reinstalled in Tokyo Bay on Tuesday. This comes as organisers give a shot in the arm for preparations for the Games next year.

The monument stands 15.3m tall and 32.6m wide and it was originally set up in January to indicate that the Games was getting closer, said Tokyo metropolitan government planning director Atsushi Yanashimizu.

“Since the symbol is here, we want Tokyo residents and also internationally to feel that the Games are coming very soon,” Yanashimizu said.

“Also, we want everyone to feel we will have the Tokyo 2020 Games definitely next year.”

Later, on Tuesday, the monument will be illuminated and will remain there next to Rainbow Bridge until the Olympics gets over in August before being replaced with the Paralympics logo.

The pandemic outbreak forced authorities to push the Olympics back by a year in March.

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