Shiraz Daud Ozman – Conquering The Impossible

Success is always intriguing. Nevertheless, it is the most overlooked element in life. When successful people inspire us to perform better, we often disregard the sleepless nights and endless efforts they invested in achieving their purpose in life and business.

The fortune, luxury and comfort they own make us believe that some people inherit those privileges. And when it comes to our own life, we find countless excuses. We blame it on our circumstances, scarce resources, lack of money and even others.

Owing to that fact it can be safely said that success is a fascination for many. For the other few, success is a vision. It is those “few” who succeed.

For those of us who wants to play the blame game can always find excuses, blame the circumstances and lead an ordinary life. Or you can strap your boots, break the roof and chase your dreams to live that extraordinary life. No matter how limited or unlimited are your resources, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, inherited or not, you can always build your dreams from absolute nothing.

Shiraz Daud Ozman, Founder of Delta Food Industries shows us beyond doubt that circumstance has nothing to do with our lives. All you need is a right vision and right attitude combined with immense persistence, ambition and hard work.

From a humble beginning to a distinguished businessman who owns the second largest food manufacturing and packaging company in the Middle East, Shiraz Daud Ozman marks an exceptional victory throughout his life. He is the Secretary General of Young Chamber of Commerce (UAE chapter) and is titled with an honorary doctorate degree from the Aldersgate College held at The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. He has also been bestowed with Global Leadership Award in FMCG, which shows his efficacy and brilliance in the business world.

Delta food industries rose to this phenomenal success within just 5 years, thus affirming the brilliance of this self-made businessman.

Fortune Is Made

Not everyone is blessed with a privileged childhood. Some people are born wealthy and some others earn it against all odds.

Born in Malawi (Central Africa), Shiraz D Ozman had to face financial distresses right from his childhood. At the age of 9, he joined his mother for selling savouries at events and sports centres in the streets of Malawi, so as to support the family coffers. That was the first seeds of entrepreneurship which sprouted inside that little kid. According to Shiraz, this experience improved his mathematical and analytical skills which helped him later to build his own successful empire.

In 1982, he along with his family migrated to the United Kingdom which paved his way to start his meticulous entrepreneurship journey. He initiated his career as an assistant in a garment factory at the age of 16.

People who are passionate about the deepest vision can carve their own way, even when it seems impossible. Shiraz identified the potential of the garment industry. After two years, he started a garment factory partnering with his father and brother and the brand was named Osbro International.

Identifying Opportunities

When it comes to establishing any business empire, finding the right opportunity for an investment play an important role. As a young man, who believed in creating his own destiny, Shiraz owned an explorative mindset of an entrepreneur who always had a keen eye for finding opportunities. It was this mindset that paved him new paths to the future.

It was in 1998, when Shiraz attended a fashion exhibition in Dubai World Trade Centre, where he realized the potential of garment business in Dubai, as well as the skilled labour it offered in comparison to what United Kingdom had offered. Inspired by this newfound knowledge Shiraz took the plunge to launch his first garment shop named Creative Clothing in Sharjah Airport Free Zone.

Finding success

Success does always multiply at the right hands, doesn’t it? Especially when it is the sum of various small efforts and which are repeated day in and day out. Within a period of 6 years, the company which started out within a 600 square meter warehouse and 32 skilled labours expanded to 1000 workers within a 5000 square meters factory.

Creative Clothing is the first garment company in UAE which was approved by British Retail Consortium which manufactured and supplied high quality wearable for the top brands like Top Shop, River Island, C&A, Next and Mark & Spencer.

Rise from the failures

Failures are just temporary setbacks for thought leaders. Entrepreneurship is of no guarantee that all you have to pass is from success to success. When failure is inevitable in the volatile world of business, what matters is how you overcome it.

The recession in 2008, turned out to be a catastrophe for the UK and other countries, which in turn shook Osman’s garment business, thus giving his rival firms a competitive advantage over Creative Clothing. Depreciation of currency by 20 percent and the absence of free trade agreement between UAE and UK and Europe created favourable conditions for his competitors over him.

Ozman knew that fortune is not gained as a straight line of success. Although the chain of such crisis unhinged his business, he was not ready to lay back and watch him fail.

Life of Shiraz D Ozman shows us, that misfortunes can be converted to fortunes if we have the right attitude and ambition to follow our vision. Those 4 years of instability made him realize that it is time to get back to his roots.

In 2012, he met Syed Ali Parpinchi, a skilful entrepreneur who has more than 18 years’ experience in the food industry. They both shared equal amount of passion and zeal for establishing their dreams in the world of Emirates. The two luminaries associated to develop Delta Food Industries.

Demand for healthy and nutritional food is ever growing. The higher the need the tougher is the competition in the food industry. Amidst the numerous competitors and the rising demand for quality food products, Delta has made remarkable success within a time span of 8 years.

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